3 Keys eCover

If you want to be sure you will Make It To Heaven, and do great things for the Lord, then you must quickly turn the following 3-Actions-Principles into habits. To do this, you must …
(1) Get Into The Book (The Bible),
(2) Pray Diligently, and
(3) Attend Church Regularly.


Study The Bible Carefully
The point is: Before you trust, you have to listen. But unless Christ’s Word is preached accurately, what you are listening to is worthless, and dangerous!

Keep Your Mind Stayed On Jesus
Paul points out in this quote from Isaiah that the prophet’s words about faith come from the message that is heard, and that the message comes from what is said about the Messiah.

Make Sure That All You Believe Comes From The Bible
So, he says that faith comes from hearing, and hearing comes from God’s Word. Men get faith when they hear us preach about the Lord Jesus Christ, which is based on the Bible, which is God’s Written Word.

Do Everything To Understand & Obey God’s Word
But you can’t just hear with your ears. One must listen with an open mind and heart, ready to be shown the truth about God.

It Will Help You Feel Better & Sleep Better
If he does, he’ll find that the Word not only sounds true, but improves mental health, emotional clarity, and peace. This real peace of mind that helps you avoid expensive mental drugs and super expensive psychiatrist.

It Will Help You Think Better & Live Better
Also, that the truth never changes, and can never be proven wrong. Its historically correct, currently beneficial, and emotionally satisfying. And logically powerful! In other words, it teaches you how to think… quickly and clearly! This is what makes people believe it!

Learn More About The Bible Every Chance You Get!
It should be clear that this verse is not just talking about the ears when it talks about hearing. For example, the message could be read. So, “hear” means to take in the Word in any way that you can get it… Feeling (Brail), Seeing (Reading & Sign Language), and, of course, Hearing ( using your ears).

Realize That God Is Willing & Able To Help Us.

God is our refuge and strength, a tested help in times of trouble. And so we need not fear even if the world blows up and the mountains crumble into the sea.

If You Are Going To Worry, Then Don’t Pray!
Many people worry that if there is an earthquake or a nuclear explosion, mountains or cities will fall into the sea. But the person who wrote the psalm says we shouldn’t be afraid, even if the world were to end today.

If You Are Going To Pray, Then Don’t Worry!
The author is calm and sure that God will save him even if everything is destroyed.

Remember What The Bible Says About The End Times
It seems like you can’t think about the end of the world without being scared, but the Bible makes it abundantly clear, that God is our refuge even if the whole world ends.

God Will Not Let You Down
He is not just a temporary place to feel safe. He is our safe place forever, and no matter what happens, he can give us strength for every challenge we will ever face.

Avoid Wrong Examples.
Let us not neglect our church meetings, as some people do, but encourage and warn each other, especially now that the day of His coming back again is drawing near.

Get Help & Encouragement From Other Christians
You won’t be able to benefit from the advice and encouragement of other Christians if you don’t go to Christian meetings.

Be Helpful & Encouraging To Other Christians
We get together on Sunday and other days throughout the week…
(1) to share our testimonies
(2) to encourage each other to stay strong in the Lord, and
(3) to become even better Bible Students.

Realize You Are Going To Have Problems In This World
There will be numerous tests of our faith, as well as periods in which we may even be persecuted, as the day of Christ’s second coming draws near. There will be a rise in the power of anti-Christian forces.

Let Your Problems Move You To Go To Church More
Problems are never an acceptable reason to avoid attending worship services at your local church. Instead, if we are faced with challenges, we should double down, and make an even greater effort to be faithful in attendance. 

So, when you do these 3 things…
(1) Get into the Word Daily,
(2) Pray Diligently, and
(3) Attend Church Weekly,

you will develop a Greater Faith that will help you deal with life’s problem Effectively, and make it to Heaven Finally!